An airless spray gun is the perfect tool for roof painting projects of any type or size. Many common roof coatings are quite heavy with a high viscosity & require a high pressure for correct application.

This is where The Cruiser Machine provides exceptional performance & cost effectiveness. Yes, you may be able to do it with a roller but it will take a great deal longer & the results may not be as pleasing or durable.

Make Your Work Easy

  • Faster
  • Saves Product
  • Eliminates Product Loss By Windloss
  • Increases Profit

Faster Work With The Cruiser

  • You’ll have the power of 4 men all in one with an even more precision spray saving you countless hours & money!
  • Metal Roof & Large Scale roofing applications using The Cruiser Machine Increase Profit by ensuring an even precise coat across your whole project thus saving money from less product loss or uneven spray by hand.
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